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>> i ate it up?roll >> that's okay. >> we loved having you. >> thank you. >> that's it for us. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. "special report" next. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. heart break in faith where congregation reeling from the deaths of their pastor, his pregnant wife and a church chaperone, all killed in a horrific church camp bus crash today. actually it happened a week ago. but today moving testimony. this morning from their loved ones laying them to rest. >> gregg: a grand jury investigating the security company that performed the background checks on nsa leaker edward snowden and nearly half of all government security
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checks. we'll take a closer look. >> arthel: and then we switch gears. just in time fort sidsling august -- for the sizzling august heat, "consumer reports" here with the very best ice cream. >> gregg: i'll take that one. >> arthel: and frozen yogurt at your local supermarkets. we begin with a fox news alert. a day of reckoning, several u.s. embassies and consulates across the muslim world now shut down, including the ones you see here in yemen and jordan. this all following this week's warning from the state department of a potential al-qaeda-linked terror plot against u.s. diplomatic posts in the middle east and north africa. possibly set to unfold even at this very hour. molly henneberg following the latest live from our dc bureau. the chairman of joint chiefs of staff now speaking out. what is he saying? >> general martin dempsey says this threat is coming from an al-qaeda affiliate.
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he describes it as a, quote, al-qaeda branch. and they're targeting western interests. not just u.s. interests, according to dempsey. here is what he said about the intelligence information that led to the 22 embassy and consulate closures and the world wide travel warning. >> it is more specific and we are taking it seriously, which i think you would expect us to do. yeah, there is a significant threat stream and we're reacting to it. >> on capitol hill, the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, put out a statement saying, this is, quote, a sober reminder of al-qaeda's determination and ongoing intention to commit acts of violence on western and u.s. targets. the threats against american interests are real and serious and we must not let our guard down. president obama was briefed this morning on the al-qaeda terror threat and the white house says he'll be getting updates all weekend at camp david. arthel? >> arthel: tell us why it seems
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that they're focusing on yemen? >> that's where al-qaeda is based. the plot could be planned there or could be carried out there. but according to one fox news military analyst, if al-qaeda groups have been linking up, let's say, the threat then isn't limited to that area. >> they can threaten wide areas of the world. american interests and wide areas of the world and do it with impunity. so we learned at benghazi what happens when you don't send out threat alerts and surely this is a prudent thing to do, but also shows how america's influence is waning in these parts of the world. >> britain, france, and germany also closed their embassies in yemen tomorrow. arthel? >> arthel: molly henneberg, thank you very much for that very important live report. >> gregg: as we continue to monitor the situation in the middle east, let's turn now to congressman peter king of the house select committee on intelligence who joins us live on the phone for more on this
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threat. congressman, thank you for taking the time. one can argue that muslims have long wanted the u.s. out of the middle east and at least temporarily they're getting their wish. but do you think president obama's foreign policies failed or otherwise, contributed to what's happening here? >> i got some problems with president obama's policies, but no, i would say that the attacks have been successful on the al-qaeda leaders, i would think this type of attack is what al-qaeda has been trying to do for the last 20 years. they succeeded on september 11 and several times after that. so i think the -- it could be more effective. but i don't blame anything did he for bringing about these attacks. al-qaeda will be attempting to attack us as long as they can draw a breath. >> gregg: i'm wondering more about the receiptic the
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president -- rhetoric the president has used after the benghazi attack on our consulate last fall. president obama claimed that al-qaeda had been decimated or on the path to defeat dozens and dozens of times, more than 30 or 40 times. was he now wrong, if not naive, and arguably putting american lives at risk? americans who were trusting the word of their president. >> the president was wrong. i said that at the time. in many ways al-qaeda is more powerful at the time of benghazi than it was prior to 9-11. because then at least al-qaeda was one centralized force in afghanistan. now it's multi facetted, hike a monster. it's al-qaeda of the arraign pan peninsula, iran, a whole list of al-qaeda, and also a number of lone wolf operators around the
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world. to that ex tents, he -- again, i don't think what he said is what's causing al-qaeda to attack. they were doing it in any events. >> gregg: his intelligence had to be as good as yours, if he knew the real threat and he played it down or dismissed it for political purposes, especially during the run up to the reelection campaign, i guess my point is, americans traveling abroad who had the right to trust his many, many assurances may now regret it. you agree with that? >> yeah. i think you're completely right. the president was giving a false sense of confidence. he was basically telling you a false story because al-qaeda, again, was more dangerous now than it was then and it's more likely to carry out focused attacks at various locations. prior to 9-11, they carried out the massive attack, the catastrophic attack such as the world trade center. now they're much more inclined to carry out attacks against
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american interests. so to that extent, i think americans did not have the full story because they were under this impression that al-qaeda was defeated, that they were decimated, that they were on their last legs and the president gave his major speech in april or early may, he said that we're back to a pre-9-11 era and of course, within the following week that the boston marathon bombing occurred. >> gregg: yeah, it was the speech in may and not to mention the state of the union. congressman peter king, many thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> arthel: a fox news alert. nine civilians are now dead after a homicide bombing in eastern afghanistan. security officials say it was a botched attack on the indian consulate. police opening fire on three militants as they approached a checkpoint near the facility, prompting one of them to detonate their explosive-laden
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car. all three attackers were killed, although it's unclear how many died from police fire and how many by the explosion. a spokesperson from the u.s. state department releasing this statement following the assault, quote, the united states condemns in strongest terms the attack near the indian consulate which took the lives of innocent civilians, including women and children. we extend our deepest condolences to the families of those killed in this senseless attack. despite today's attack, we remain committed to working with our afghan, indian and other international partners to build a secure and prosperous afghanistan free from senseless violence. meanwhile, troubling new situation unfolding in egypt where thousands of supporters of former president mohammed morsi are refusing to back down following a direct order from one of the country's top police officials to end their massive sit-in protest. conner powell has more from our middle east bureau.
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>> for the last month, both sides in egypt have taken the hard line, refusing to give an inch. but international pressure from the united states and other european countries does appear to be helping to change the tone there. with the government and pro-morsi supporters now showing some signs of flexibility, clashes between the two sides continued last night as pro-morsi supporters refused to stop their protests. but it appears both sides are talking, to some extent negotiating about what happens next. >> there is no desire to use force if every other avenue, if there is any other avenue that can be -- has any potential. >> nearly 300 people have been killed since egypt's top military commander removed brotherhood blames alwer. cece for much of the bloodshed since the coup, saying today it would reject any new government
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that would include al cece. the fact that they're talk being a new government is a step forward and a change. egypt remain has divided country, so international pressure is likely the only thing that will help end this political crisis. arthel? >> arthel: thanks. that was conner powell reporting from our middle east bureau. >> gregg: fox news alert from california. flying shrapnel injuring five spectators during a planned implosion. hundreds of people -- there it is. hundreds of people turning out this morning to watch this demolition of an abandoned steam power plant in bakersfield. police say a 44-year-old man had one leg partially amputated. the other severed when he was hit by shrapnel. four other people were treated for minor injuries. listen to these witnesses describing the horror. >> the fence shook out and they looked down and i guess his leg
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was cut pretty bad. a lot of people said his foot was missing. >> shortly after the explosion, a piece of probably four-inch by six inch metal shrapnel came across and hit a young lady and hit me in the knee as well. >> gregg: we're told all were standing behind the 1,000-foot safety perimeter. fire officials say there were possibly more victims who sought medical treatment on their own. >> arthel: family and friends remembering a youth pastor, his wife and their unborn child at a funeral service in indianapolis. chat phelps and his pregnant wife, courtney, died when their church bus crashed last weekend. the tragic accident killed one other church member and injured dozens of others, including the couple's two-year-old son. >> i miss chad more than i can say. chad was my brother, my best friend and my hero. i'll tell you, it's when the
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church bus flipped and your brother and sister-in-law went flying through the window and they land dead in the vote. >> when a church and when a people group goes goes through a tragedy that you have experienced, it is just human nature to cry out why. >> arthel: so hard to hear. investigators say it could take another week to find out what caused the deadly crash. >> gregg: extreme weather to tell you about out west. the national weather service now issuing a tornado warning just outside of denver, colorado.
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now more. >> unfortunately the storms are turning volatile. in the same areas we had tornado warnings yesterday at this time. tornado watch in effect for the denver area and eastern colorado until 10:00 p.m. local time. within that watch is where we have warnings currently east of fort collins. i just saw pictures east of fort collins with hail the size of golf balls and there is so much of it on the ground, it looks like snow. incredible photos coming outside of fort collins. then east of deer trail, several tornado warnings here. so seek shelter immediately. obviously we'll keep you up to date on all the watches and warning, which really extends from montana down to portions of the southwest. so your severe threat again, this afternoon through the evening hours for the high plains, as well as the rockies, this area could receive large hail, and even tornadoes. also look at the potential for severe weather across north
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carolina into virginia where we're starting to see some cells erupt. flooding across the midwest. incredible amounts of rain in a short period of time, four to six inches in some of these regions. they're going to get more rain within the next 12 to 24 hours. so keeping a close eye on places like kansas, missouri, up towards iowa. a very vulnerable area for flooding. now we're talking about the heat. look at the temperatures here across the southern plains. 100 in san antonio. 100 in dallas where we have heat advisories in effect with the humidity, it feels oppressive. dangerous temperatures. it feels like 103 in oklahoma city. 104 in shreveport. 107 in houston. so really dangerous. we'll continue to monitor this situation. looks like dallas, you're not going to get any relief this week from the heat. looks like 100 degrees-plus as we head through thursday, friday, maybe a little bit of relief. but not much. back to you, gregg. >> gregg: that is a lot of heat. thanks very much. >> arthel: a joyful event for a
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man who suffered so much. dr. william pettitte survived a nightmarish home invasion in which the rest of his family was abused and brutally murdered. but he has since remarried and he and his new wife are expecting a baby. the couple can be seen here holding their young niece and they're both very excited to be having a child of their own. >> what does this mean to you, to do this another time? >> you know, children are always your jewels. so children are the hope for the future. it's something that most people really want to have, have the experience and teach them how to enjoy life and to grow up to be good people and help others. i'm very pleased and very excited. >> first child, this is a lot of excitement and nervousness. first time for you? >> i'm not nervous. i think maybe it was the eight years of nannying that i had through college. that might have helped a little.
3:16 pm
>> are you ready to start changing diapers again? >> i'm ready. when they're real little, it's easy. >> yeah. >> it's tougher the bigger they get. >> we wish them nothing but happiness. >> gregg: good for him. new developments in the investigation in the irs scandal that top republican lawmakers now directly hitting the treasury department which oversees the agency. >> arthel: and more people lining up with full of hope to get their lottery tickets. find out how high the powerball jackpot is soaring. >> gregg: and how republican voters think of gop leaders' approach to major national issues and where it should go in the future. surprising results of the new poll coming up. >> the new gop will need to embrace liberty in boast the economic and the personal sphere. [ cheers and applause ]
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is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> gregg: it's time for a quick check of the headlines.
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top republican has subpoenaed the treasury department for documents pertaining to the irs scandal. houseover sight committee chairman darrell issa accusing the agency's leader of obstructing congressional investigations. the obama administration overruling a ban on imports of some apple ipads and iphones. u.s. international trade commission issued the original ban when it ruled that the chinese-made devices violated samsung patents. powerball players are scrambling to get their tickets. a whopping $300 million in the jackpot. but don't get too excited. that's still well below the record of 590.5 million set earlier this year. >> arthel: just sign me up. give me a ticket. all right. the 113th congress is taking a five-week summer break. that's without reaching agreements on major bills. the issues include automatic spending cuts known as sequestration and next year's budget.
3:22 pm
meanwhile, a new poll shows more than half of republican voters want gop leaders to take an even more conservative approach, while 40% want their leaders to move to a more moderate position. joining us to talk about this, former white house political director and deputy chief of staff to president reagan, ed rollins. he was also the national campaign director nor the reagan-bush '84. also joining us, fox news contributor, sally com. good to see both of you. ed, first of all, i want to find out what you make of this strategy of this poll, if the people are suggesting that the party, the republican party that leans more to the right, is that something that would help more in primaries as opposed to a general election? >> the premise that they're not doing much is not a detriment to us because when you're doing a lot, you're spending money that the congress doesn't have anymore, or you're basically passing a lot of new laws that people don't particularly want.
3:23 pm
so my sense is i'd rather be in this position than to have a situation like when pelosi was the speaker and she passed a 2,000-page bill that she said we've got to pass it before we know what's in it. they're finding out what's in it, it's not so good. >> arthel: what do you think, sally? >> there was a new poll, majority of americans blame republicans in washington for gridlock. so you know, i think, hey, this infighting in the republican party is fascinating and i say good luck, good on that, see how it goes in 2014. this idea that republicans want their members in congress to compromise even less? they can't even compromise with each other and pass their own republican budget. they haven't compromised with the president at all. i don't know how they can compromise less. but you know, if they want to continue this sort of extreme rightward shift, they'll keep losing. >> the problem is we have no money. we're still spending $800 billion a year above and beyond what we have in revenue. the senate hasn't passed with control of the senate, democrats, for years.
3:24 pm
the president didn't put a budget up that basically anybody is willing to deal with. i think at the ends of the day, people don't want money spent that we don't have. >> arthel: how do both parties, how do they get together and come up with some sort of financial solutions that could possibly work? >> both sides have to give a little bit and i don't see that happening in the foreseeable future. >> arthel: why is that? >> because i think realistically, we are opposed and have different philosophies and constituencies. particularly as you go into a midterm election where there is less of a vote than in the presidential politics, our constituencies and the rural and suburban areas of the country where republican congressmen come from don't want more spending or more legislation. >> arthel: sally, i know you have a lot to say, but ed, i want to stay with you for a moment. does this change, do you think, when it comes time for the next election? do you think there is a different party leading the white house? >> it could be. obviously no one could predict to this points who will be there in 2016.
3:25 pm
we don't know who the candidates are. but right now 2014 is the focus. focused both who can hold the senate, democrats can or whether we can gain enough seats to pull it back? i think we definitely hold the house. >> i don't know. the president did all the things that republicans said that american people didn't like and then he won reelection. you know, in my american history book, those are the moments you sort of fight when it comes to the elections and then those are the moments that the two parties work together for the common good of the people. the american people have said, poll after poll, and in the election, we're not worried about deficits or worried about these things. we're worried about jobs. we want our government it do something to help create jobs. stimulate the economy. that's what a government does in bad economic times. but for instance house republicans, 40 votes to repeal something that's already legislation, obamacare. not a single jobs bill. the american people are fed up. it's showing and it's going to keep showing. but like i said, stay the course. no problem with me. >> it's a course of whether you believe government basically
3:26 pm
should create jobs, which is spending more money or you basically believe the private sector will. the one thing the president could have done and i don't remember in the campaign him talking about reelect me and i'll raise your taxes dramatically, which he's already done on the well to do americans, but i think at the ends of the day, the americans want responsible government and responsible government is government that basically doesn't spend 800 or a trillion dollars a year more than we take in in revenue. >> arthel: where do you make the cuts? >> you've got -- the sequester was the first step. i think to a certain extent, that was bipartisan effort. 2.1% of the overall budget. they're cry babying about that. if you want to cut, it has to come from everywhere. the defense, it has to come from some of the social programs. >> the reason republicans in the house weren't able to pass six out of 12 or some number of their own appropriation bills that they drafted was because they couldn't agree where to put these painful cuts. nobody really wants in tough economic times, to completely get rid of massive cuts in public education, even in food
3:27 pm
stamps and even these things that republicans don't like, but american people do like. we know that is the role of government when times are tough. >> arthel: sally, do you feel that this gridlock in congress is more about the opposing parties blocking each other at all costs or do you feel that congress has run out of ideas in terms of ways to move our country forward in terms of being innovative and productive? >> that's a great question. look, in the last roughly continue years, we have tried this policy of cutting and cutting taxes and cutting corporate taxes, doing all these things and we saw the economy stagnate. it is now time to try something different. we've seen all this austerity fail in europe. it's time that we come together and realize there is a constructive role for government and unfortunately, i think republicans won't read the tea leaves and playing to their extremist base. >> we lift the debt.
3:28 pm
it's $16 trillion that the next generation will have to pay. we're basically buying $85 billion a month in bonds ids going to lead us to. so my sense today is the country has more spending. >> arthel: i have to leave there. thanks to both of you. >> gregg: we'll have the latest on the tornado warnings in colorado. janis dean is tracking all the latest information from the fox news extreme weather center next. >> arthel: it's a comeback decades in the making. the new york cosmos, the franchise that elevated american soccer, taking the field once again. brian is live on long island. >> the teams are warming up as the cosmos get set to play their first game since the '80s, coming up. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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>> gregg: extreme weather alert. fox news confirming a tornado has touched down in colorado just east of denver. janis dean live in the fox extreme center with more on that. >> unfortunately, some of these storms are turning violent. we have several severe thunderstorm watches in effect and a tornado watch in effect for the denver area and east of denver until 10:00 p.m. local time. within this tornado watch, we have several tornado warnings. right now this one has just popped up east of johns town. you can see here, this is reflextivity on the radar. when you see the pinks and the light pinks, that's an indication of hail. in this case, we have seen hail in excess of two inches wide in diameter. so that's going to be a big problem.
3:34 pm
then we have this cell right here, that's our confirmed tornado, north central, lincoln county, law enforcement have confirmed this tornado on the ground moving north at 10 miles per hour. a damaging tornado with hail at least two inches in diameter, and that's warning in effect until 4:45 mountain time. again, you can see that reflectivity again where we could see the potential for not only heavy rainfall, but very large, damaging hail. tornado on the ground. this is the cell we are watching very carefully over the next 15 to 20 minutes in eastern colorado. if you live in these areas, you want to make sure you're keeping a close ear on your local fox stations, your severe threat really extending from the northern rockies, down into the central rock reese and high plains here where you can see the cells erupting over the last half hour or so. and with them, tornado warnings. we'll keep you up to date. back to you. >> gregg: all right. thanks very much. arthel? >> arthel: we are about halfway through summer vacation, day camps and other programs are
3:35 pm
wrapping up. how can parents keep the kids stimulated with several weeks to go before the new school year begins? how about in interactive reading apps? take a look. >> after practice, they took the long zigzag road that let into frog bob forest. hackie's head filled with questions and her heart with excitement. so many colorful creatures in the forest. so much to see and learn. >> arthel: this is just one of the book titles available to help young kids stay excited about reading during these lazy days of summer. joining us now, wendy, the co-founder and ceo of me genius. hi. >> hi. >> arthel: good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> arthel: first of all, tell us how this app works. >> it's very easy actually. it works on multiple platforms which means that you can access it on the web, on any of your tablet devices, including your iphone, android phones, ipads, android tablets, et
3:36 pm
cetera and microsoft window phones and tablets. >> i heard this voiceover. that means the book reads to you and the kids can read as well? >> absolutely. you can choose between having the narrator or you can turn it off and read to your children. >> arthel: what age groups are we talk being? >> eight and under. it's picture books mostly. we have everything that would cater to a child as young as two, all the way up to slightly over eight. >> arthel: the thing is, even young kids know how to navigate on these phones and ipads. so it is designed to -- confirm for me -- that the kids could navigate this, too? >> they could use this on their own. our app is on several kid only tablets so that they can use it all on their own. >> arthel: talk about the topics. heckle and jekyl? >> yeah. >> arthel: what are some of the other stories you have on there? >> we have a lot of fairy sales, as well as very popular titles. we work with a wide range of
3:37 pm
publishers and we like to focus on stories that date back to when you and i were reading as kids, like fairy tales and folk lore, and exclusive titles published by me genius. >> arthel: me goes genius.carbon monoxide is where you go to download the app and it's free, right? >> that's right. >> arthel: that's good. how long has it been around and tell me about the success rate, if you've been able to track it. >> yeah. we have been around since the first day the ipad was unveiled to the world. so over three years now. 3 million users now. thousands of schools use it as well in their classroom. >> arthel: even though it's mainly fairy tales, the schools are using it? >> it's not mainly fairy tales, but we started with that collection. today we have over 1300 books in our catalog. we've got titles that are sesame street, as well as your good old public domain fairy tales. >> arthel: very good. it's working and i understand
3:38 pm
that did you develop this because of your own kids? >> yes. i have three girls, young children, eight and under. you know, what i noticed was that they loved my devices. they would just play with them all the time. when they lay with them, and i try to find interesting stories that engage them on the web. i just couldn't find any. so i set out to do something that i thought was going to be very important for my children, which is a good story all the time. i'm a big fan of books. i've always been. childhood literacy is very important and a big mission for me jean justice, so i founded the company. >> arthel: of course you did. we understandy, thank you very much. is the web site. continued success to you. >> thank you very much. >> gregg: hecky and shmecky, know them well.
3:39 pm
>> arthel: you had me convinced. >> gregg: one of america's most famous soccer teams is now back. the new york cosmos taking to the field tonight for the first time in nearly 30 years? really? the team once had one of the world's best players, including the legendary pele. the cosmos also bringing thousands of jobs with plans to build a new stadium. brian is with us live in hempstead, new york with more. hi, brian. >> hey. we are just minutes from kickoff and opening ceremonies are about to begin. the new york cosmos are going honor three of their greatest players, including pele. this is an iconic comeback for a franchise that's credited with promoting u.s. soccer and taking it to new heights in the mid 1970s. at the height of their success, 40,000-plus fans would attack -- the best player ever, pele. the cosmos acquired him, making them the most glamorous team in
3:40 pm
world soccer. within ten years, they were all but finished. attendance was down massively as interest in soccer plummeted, leaving them no choice but to leave the north american soccer league. now the cosmos are back and pele is the theme's honorary president. he helped light the empire state building in cosmos green earlier this week. >> we are here for that, you know, i want to ask all the people who support us know some years ago to come back to support the cosmo now because we are here again. >> the team had an ambitious business plan to build a new stadium on long island. they hope to score with fans and provide a massive economic boost to the new york city area. >> it's not just 35, 40 stadium events a year. it's something that will feed the economy. it will bring money into the community not only from this region, but from around the
3:41 pm
world. streaming into the stadium, no word how many tickets have been sold, but it's sure to be a fun night. >> gregg: have a good game out there. all right? >> thanks very much. >> arthel: have a hot dog. >> gregg: make it two. >> arthel: all right. with mustard and chili and relish. >> gregg: yeah. you can tell we're obviously hungry. >> arthel: exactly. there is something a good treat coming up for the hunger pangs. we're going to talk about this. brand-new fallout over nsa leaker edward snowden. subpoenas are reportedly being issued as new questions are being raised about his background. dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save.
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>> gregg: the latest wrinkle in the nsa leaker edward snowden's saga, let's take a look here. you can see him leaving the moscow airport after receiving asylum in russia. but the "wall street journal" is now reporting federal grand jury subpoenas have been issued to
3:46 pm
u.s. investigations services. who are they? they're the private security background check firm that reportedly cleared snowden for government work. let's bring in fox news contributor seasonnest ridge, professor of law and political science at usc in southern california. good to see you, >> good to see you. >> gregg: i think your take on this is very interesting. so some of what that "wall street journal" is reporting about the pressure to get your numbers up at the end of every quarter and the fact we've got a private institution doing 45% of the government security clearances should make us act the
3:47 pm
fundamental -- ask the fundamental question, did the profit motive get in the way here? is this something where perhaps government should be doing it to insure that profit and getting your numbers up and the rest doesn't undermine the efficacy of the checks. >> gregg: trying to speculate to what might have been maybe impossible to know, i mean, maybe if the government had done its own background check, they, too, might have missed ed snowden and who knows, maybe they missed 20 other snowdens that have been caught, right? >> right. look, we don't know and i'd rather be safe than sorry, obviously. we're never going to know everything we would need to to really evaluate this fully. but i would hope that what this incident will underscore is that whoever is doing the job, you can't cut corners. here if corners were cut here, we are all paying for it far more than any savings or profit that was made.
3:48 pm
>> gregg: if it turns out that this firm was indeed taking short cuts, is that defrauding the u.s. government, which violates the law under what's known as the old lincoln law, actually called the false claims act, but it was enacted under lincoln's term because of all the fraud that was taking place then? >> right. and the false claims act has become a modern times, as you know, a bonanza for plaintiffs' lawyers. i'm often on the defense side. so i know this law fairly well. you've seen plenty of people that has very broad language that anybody who basically is submitting a bill to the united states government certifies that they've done the work fully and completely, et cetera. so i can expect that not only are you going to see grand jury subpoenas, but you're probably going to see plaintiff lawyers going into overdrive if they can finds an angle. >> gregg: quick last question, snowden had a security clearance review, as i understand it, in
3:49 pm
2011 and it was conducted by this private firm and unspecified problems were allegedly uncovered at the time. if that is true, does that make snowden's employment even more inexplicable? >> inexplicable, gregg, i would say is one of the kinder choices of words you might make on this saturday. i mean, intolerable, unacceptable. this is an i.t. guy and as my son who does i.t. on his summer breaks will tell you, i.d. guys have access to everything. so you got to pay even more attention than you do to the analysts who are probably much more fully checked. something is backwards here. >> gregg: susan estridge, great to see you and thanks so much. >> great to see you. >> gregg: arthel? >> arthel: i've got some ice cream. okay. here is the deal, many brands of ice cream and frozen yogurt on the market. it's summer time. you want to eat it. but which ones are best? we'll find out coming up next in
3:50 pm
our "consumer reports" segment ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] when they wake up dry in pampers, mornings have more tickles, more kisses... ♪ ...and more cuddles. ♪ unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, and up to 12 hours of overnight protection, for drier mornings, and so much more. ♪
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>> gregg: summer is in full swing and people find delicious ways to combat the heat. with ice cream and frozen yogurt. >> arthel: good idea. with so many different types of products on the market, how do we know which one to choose?
3:54 pm
"consumer reports" shop smart magazine tested about two dozen butter pecan ice creams and vanilla frozen yogurt. you just have to say it that way. joining us, sue perry. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> arthel: all right. so how many did you test and why are these the best? >> we tested about two dozen, if you lump them both together. a dozen frozen yogurt that are all supermarket. and about nine ice creams. we chose butter pecan because we knew hagendaaz is the king of vanilla and ben and jerry is top in chocolate. so we went to the next popular flavor. >> gregg: let's start right here. what do we have here? >> this is hagendaaz. if you say it, you won't be wrong. this is the winner in both categories. hagendaaz frozen yogurt. the number one yummiest of the dozen that we tried. >> gregg: i'll be the judge of that. >> you can be the judge. i know you have a favorite. >> gregg: this is really good.
3:55 pm
>> really good. >> arthel: why is that so good? >> it's not a good price. it's the priciest and it's the most caloric. but that's why it's so good. blue bunny, the next runner up. third of the cost of the hagendaaz and our testers said this is really pretty good stuff. you can save a little bit of money, frozen yogurt. frozen yogurt has the active bacteria like yogurt does and the freezing doesn't kill that. it's healthy, yeah. >> arthel: i like it. now we go to hagendaaz ice cream. >> this is the number one yummy us and naughtiest because it has 300 calories and also is the nut tiest. >> arthel: 300 calories a scoop? >> yeah. most of the others is 150 to 160. this is twice the calories. it is really good.
3:56 pm
>> arthel: lots of pecans. >> we are so nutty there. we counted out the pecans in the butter pecan and they had the most. >> gregg: you can tell. very good. it gives us that nutty flavor. >> if you're going to have ice cream, give it a splurge. it's delicious. >> arthel: we have a couple of seconds here. give some folks behind me. >> gregg: here you go. >> arthel: here you go. enjoy it. that's going to do it for us. stick around. harris faulkner is coming up next with the fox report. she's still working. while she works, we'll eat ice cream. >> gregg: i'll eat all the ice cream and yogurt. >> arthel: thank you for joinino us new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at
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4:00 pm
this is the fox report. tonight some people camped out overnight guarantee they would get a glimpse of an early morning implosion. but moments after crews ignited the fuse, something went wrong. and screams for help filled the air. and it is now sunday in most countries in the muslim world. the order activate to do close consulates and embassies in hot spots in the evening region. a day we were told could bring deep concerns about american security. the threat is specific. the targets are not. but it's happening in the part of the world where america and our allies are often hated. tonight

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